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Upper right quadrant pain and elevated liver enzymes

I had a rny gastric bypass and had my gallbladder removed 19 years ago.  Since having my rny gastric bypass I have had reoccurring upper right quadrant pain.  I have had several hospital stays and the only thing that has showed on the ultrasound, CT and MRCP was a dilated common bile duct and elevated liver enzymes on the blood tests.  The doctor tried to do an ERCP but was unsuccessful in getting to my bile ducts.  Now they are starting the ultrasound testing over again to see if they can see a stone.  I am in pain everyday and the doctors don't want to do an invasive procedure on me.  Can you tell me what my options are to get a diagnosis.  I believe that I have a stone in my bile duct.  The doctor also believes that but doesn't want to proceed with an invasive procedure.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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