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Vomiting, diarrhea, clay-colored poops


I am a 24 y/o female on vacation in Germany. I do have a history of drinking (probably in excess, if we're speaking candidly.) A month ago I had my yearly full bloodwork panel run and the basic liver panel (plus everything else except b12 -- I'm deficient) came back normal. Starting a week ago, I've been drinking very excessively on vacation, including one night where I drank probably 12 beers in four hours. I woke up the next day hungover but altogether fine. I ate some food, hopped on a train to Munich, and cruised along fine. Later that evening, I felt ill in a way I've never felt before. I do NOT get nauseous and I never ever puke, especially from alcohol, but I violently threw up everything in my stomach then felt so much better. It didn't feel like a hangover to me. Since then (four days), I've had continual diarrhea in a green-ish color and couldn't keep food or liquids down. No really tummy ache or urgency, just when I do decide to go it is liquid and bright yellowish green rather than a normal solid poop.

It's worth noting that someone else in my group who never gets sick also was vomiting the next day, so perhaps it was a stomach bug or we ate something. He seems to have recovered fine, though. Anyway, now, five days since my initial puke, I am trying to incorporate some foods and rehydrate because my pee is a pretty deep orange color. This morning I woke up and had my first solid poop but it was a pale yellow/clay color. I immediately panicked wondering if I've permanently messed up my liver.

I will not be drinking for awhile and then will keep it in moderation, but is it possible that my stomach is just so messed up from being ill that that is the cause of the weird color poop?  I am terrified of liver damage, but would like to know if thats a real possibility. Any tips moving forward? Today's goal is hydration, hydration, hydration.
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Also when I got sick initially I had chills, shakes, stomach pain, etc. All that disappeared after I vomited, and I just felt weak, dehydrated, and had a gurgly stomach.
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