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Vomiting Problem not stopped all test clear

I have 14 years old daughter, 3 months before she is perfectly fine eating everything, like junk food (chocolate, candy, burger, fast food...etc).

Now she have vomiting problem. Her all tests is absolutely fine.
1. Gluten Test
2. Hepatitis Test
3. Complete Blood Test
4. Complete Ultrasound Test
5. Stomach Camera Test
6. Complete Urine Test

I am really worried about her. Her vomiting not stopped. She is doing daily 2-3 vomiting.
She feels hunger like normal people and want to eat food and she eat. Mostly after eating food she vomitted.

I don't know what is the main problem. Checked all doctor' s.

Please help meeeeeeeeee....
Naveed Babar
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Perhaps you are unaware you have posted to a patient to patient multiple sclerosis forum.

There are probably sites more suited to your question.

I hope you find answers for your daughter  trying asking your doctor if she can have something like Bentyl and zofran as a combination.  It was prescribed for me in an Emergency Room in VA once and did a wonderful job.
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Take her to a doctor that specializes in eating disorders. Please keep in mind that it could be a disorder like Bulimia nervosa.
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All test clear Sir All.........
Not any sign of Bulimia nervosa.......

I read all about Bulimia nervosa disease, but no sign she have. When she do vomiting she have pain in stomach and do vomiting.

I don't know what happen with her......

Please helpppppppppppppppp
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