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Vomiting with J-tube feedings

My father is a 75 year old who had approximately 70% of his stomach removed due to stomach cancer.  He has a j-tube to receive nutrition.  The machine is typically set at 80ml per hour.  However, every night, when the feedings start, he complains of gas in the stomach, or pressure/ bloated feeling in his stomach.  To relieve the pressure and gassy feeling, he nearly always vomits a bit of stomach bile up.  This happens nearly every night.  I am concerned that the vomiting is likely to irritate his esophagus and lead to barrett's syndrome.  He takes gasX to reduce the gas, and also a medication to stimulate muscular contractions in the stomach prior to starting the feedings.  But nothing seems to work.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to address his situation?  In addition, I am wondering if it be better for him to eat a little bit of soft food in order to stimulate proper functioning of the stomach.
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It is this gas to be solved. Gas is produced by bacteria, probably from Helycobacter pylori in the stomach. Blood or breath test is for diagnosis. Treatment is with antibiotics.

If the bloating occurs deeper down in abdomen (in intestine), this is again from bacteria (from harmless, but overgrown bacteria). Diagnosis and treatment are the same as above.

The cause may be this artificial food itself. If he is receiving some simplified (elemental, kind of "already digested" food), this is also a good food for bacteria, which then produce gas. I do not recommend changing diet without talking with a doctor, but your idea may be the right one - just speak with the doctor.

Options are:
- check for bacteria
- changing or adjusting diet
- repositioning J-tube.

I'm not an expert to say more on this.
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Aside from the good advice boron shared have you ever thought to try the Viasys Farrell Valve?


"The Farrell Valve, Gastric Pressure Relief Device, is designed to help patients who suffer from poor gastric motility, pain and bloating. The Farrell Valve maximizes enteral feeding by providing a channel to constantly decompress the stomach, allowing the stomach to empty at its own pace. By allowing a reservoir channel, the clinician can maximize enteral feeding and minimize the need for TPN."

You should be able to get a script from his Dr and get the bags through the medical supply that supplies his nutrition etc....

I use the Farrell Valve bags for my son to aid with his venting while feeding via G-Tube and it has worked out well for him. It works out even better when hes destended or sick (Rare, Thank god) But in between my venting him with the large syringe I can just keep him hooked up to the Farrell Valve and he vents with that too. Feel free to messege me with any questions you may have.


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