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Was told it was gastritis, but seems like it could be something else?


I've been dealing with gi issues for a few months now, since April or so. It started after I drank to excess with my gf's cousin. I don't usually drink, not regularly. Anyway, the next few days my stomach felt off and even burned a bit. I had diarrhea on and off. Sometimes the diarrhea would be black, but I also was taking pepto and iron supplements here and there.

I began to notice an oil sheen on the toilet water after a bowel movement. Also noticed my bowel movements haven't been the same for said months. Even though there's an oil sheen on the water more often than not, there have been times it wasn't there.

It feels like a dull pressure just left of my sternum, seems more noticeable when sitting or laying on back. Almost feels like trapped gas at times. Also, most recently, I've noticed a dull ache in my mid back that is across the middle or just on the left side. I have an infant that I carry around a million times a day, so I chalked it up to that and not being as active as I used to be.

Went to the ER, they took blood to get an idea of how the major organs in my digestive system are functioning. The doctor issued results that day, explained everything looks normal. She says it sounds like gastritis. She told me to take a PPI, and H2 blocker, and Maalox at bed time for a total of 14 days. Then, follow up with a GI doctor.

Just looking for some guidance on this, I will follow up with the GI doc, but, other than a dull pressure here and there where my stomach is located, I read gastritis doesn't usually cause oily stool. I'm concerned it's my gallbladder or worse, my pancreas. What test is the best test to get for clear answers as to what could be happening.
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Well, gastritis can take a bit of time to get over.  Simply put, it is inflammation of the gastric tract. You had no problems prior to the night of drinking? This was one night of drinking?  Normally it would take a bit more as it basically erodes the lining of the stomach.  Usually, that will cause ACUTE gastritis.  Go to the GI doc. They may ask for a stool sample.  They may want to do an endoscopy or take an x ray as well.  
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My burning gets bad at times to where I can’t eat or sleep. I have been throwing up since 2010 and I’ve had a bypass and they removed my gall bladder and several lymph nodes.  Please can anybody tell me how to get rid of this burning in my stomach.  Once again I will try anything I’m desperate as hell at this point.
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