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Watery stools for five days, no fever and no pain

I have been having diarrhea for five days.  No other symptoms.  Took pep-to Bismol and Imodium and eating crackers, bread, soup.    I was in Panama a week and a half ago and concerned I have caught something.  
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It may be possible you've become a coeliac (gluten intolerant), this happened to my mother when she was in her 60s, a strange age but also shows it can happen at any age.  The first sign in her case (everyone is different) was diarrhoea, no other pain etc.  No harm in having it checked out - it's extremely simple they just do a blood test.
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Thank you for the reply.  After 5 days of diarrhea,  now I am going through an episode of constipation.
Perhaps you should see your doctor and schedule a colonoscopy.  Early detection was key in
my beating stage III cancer!
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