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Weight loss, mucsle wasting with undiagnosed indigestion

i am chronically ill due to undiagnosed digestive issues from last two years, i have long list of tests and medicines, no medicine is working.

Current Symptoms:
1. Dull Pain in upper abdomen stomach
2. stomach Burning
3. stomach cramps, indigestion, lots of gases, bloating
4. unintentional weight loss of 20 kg
5. muscle wasting
6. Silent gall stones

My all blood reports, blood complete picture, ESR, urine tests, liver function tests, rfts, hepatitis(b,c), aids, kidney tests, C reactive protein, sodium, potassium,sugar tests, tuberculosis, thyroid tests, lipase, amylase, tumor markers CEA,C19_9 etc  all are ok and in normal range. H.phylori and celiac profile are negative.
Ct scan abdomen with contrast has been done reveals nothing in January 2015.
Endoscopy and colonoscopy revealed gastritis.

I am very depressed with no direction.
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If your Celiac blood tests were negative, I think they were wrong.  You should ask for an upper endoscopy because what you are describing sounds just like Celiac disease.  

It is certainly a malabsorptive syndrome, and Celiac is very common now.  Don't go off gluten until you have had the upper endoscopy because it will affect your test results.  If gluten is the cause of the problem, you will have a terrible time trying to go back to eating it ever again.  

I have it.  It's a pain, but staying off gluten is worth it because I feel so much better.  
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