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Weird Gasping Hiccups Daily...

I get these weird gasping for air/hiccups (its like the first part of a hiccup most of the time, just a feeling to get air, I don't feel it coming on or really anything, just a light feeling to hiccup but comes out sounding like a large gasp of air). Every single time I eat or drink anything it happens and usually anywhere between 5-15 times each time I eat depending on how much. Also, even when I don't eat I get them. It's been happening for a while now, I don't know if I could say a year but more than 6 months.

I did have GERD as a baby and had a nisenfundiplication (sp?) when I was 18 months and have had no problems that I know of since then. I don't usually ever feel heart burn/acid reflux.

I also was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in October 2010. My A1c is down to 6.0 which is great so it shouldn't be a diabetes related thing, even if it was I wouldn't know how it could.

Also I had been having UTI symptoms for a while and it finally got pretty bad that I went to the clinic and they did a culture on my urinalysis. Well, supposedly, that was in April but I'm just finding out that there WASN'T bacteria in my urine which means it wasn't a UTI and that there was red and white blood cells.

My primary doctor that told me this over the phone (I don't live there anymore) casually mentioned there is a small chance I could have a cyst in my bladder that is pressing up on everything in my abdomen and that is causing the off-set hiccups via my diaphragm. Also, the UTI symptoms (sudden urge to go to the bathroom, blood in my urine at a really bad bout in April, etc.) I also have "small" stomach, my appetite has been strange lately. Sometimes I'll forget to eat because my stomach is so weird I can eat one meal a day and snack and drink a teeny bit and be fine all day.

Anyway, do you think this may be true? I may have a cyst somewhere that is causing all of this? Or has anyone had these weird gasp hiccups before?

Any help is appreciated. I have a doctors appointment in the morning with an internal medicine doctor so hopefully it sorts out.

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I have the same symptom.  I am a teacher and it happens while I am lecturing.  If I am chewing food the gasp ***** particles down by throat and I have a choking, coughing spell.  I am going to have a sleep apnea test Wed. 0ct. 14.  I am curious to know if I have sleeo apnea and this is a side-symptom.  It is very annoying but not devastating until I really choke. I do get embarrased when I am talking and it happens.  I have been doing it since January but it is getting more frequent. I will let you know.  Please let me know if you found out any thing.
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I thought I was the only one. OhElleMarie, you described the exact symptoms I have, minus the UTI and Gerd. I've been told I have Gerd, I've been told I have Barrett's Esophageal syndrome, which could lead to Esophageal cancer. I'm looking into that to get a scope done. I hope you figure out what it is and can get treated for it.
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I really do not have an answer. But I get them a lot to. I have copd and I'm thinking it is kind of a gasp for air. You're not alone. My parents and friends make fun of me to and think I do it on purpose. Like I'm trying to throw up or something. It hurts in my chest most of the time. I'm thinking maybe the diaphragm or something. My pul monologist doesn't know either.
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I get them also very sporadically. It's been happening for years. Sometimes they happen 10 to 20 times in a day for a while and sometimes it doesn't happen for weeks. I have no idea what causes it but it does seem to happen more often when I'm stressed or eating very little. A while ago I googled it and found a lot of posts saying people went to the doctor countless times with no explanation of what causes it.
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I have a similar issue. Its been happening most of my life. But they are extremely painful and have nearly caused me to pass out. I have also been diagnosed with gerd, but these weird hiccups have been happening much longer than any of my other symptoms. They also feel more like an epiglottal spasm than diaphragmatic. Wish someone could tell up what they really are and how to stop them. Sometimes I only have 2 or 3 in a row and done(usually while my sugar is balancingout from eating), other times they last for upto 5 or 6 hours at a time(completely random). These longer lasting runs range from 2-3 per 30 seconds to 4-5 in under 10 seconds continuously. These leave my chest and throat aching for Anywhere from a couple of hours to several days after. Even just swallowing small sips of water can hurt after the longer runs. What are they? How can we stop them? I'm tired of the weird looks I get, from the sounds they make and the pain they cause.
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