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Weird looking stool, should I be concerned?

So for a couple months I've been having a mix of normal colored stool and clay colored stool. Never diarrhea, actually mostly constipation. But today I had normal stool, no constipation, but on the normal stool was peices of flaky, clay colored stool attached. No stomach but besides some cramping and burning which I get daily and doesn't really affect my life. What should I do? I'm 17, normal weight, female.
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without knowing your daily diet and med history its hard to really give you any helpful info. I'd suggest taking a good probiotic (refrigerator section - 10-30 billion live cultures). Drink more water (60oz a day). Cut out dairy and highly processed foods. Add more fiber to diet, preferably from foods, but if not possible then a supplemnt.
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