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Weird symptoms, twice already? Theoat and nose numbing?

Hi, im a 23 year old guy thet 2 weeks ago and today had really weird episodes i cant really explain.  The first time after earing some salsa, which Ive eaten a million times before, i got this weird feeling that went up from my stomach sll the way to mt nostrils quickly. It was like a numb burning feeling. I automatically thought i was an allergic reaction and called 911. The thing is i did not have any itchiness nor rashes, nor swelling at all. At the ER they gave me anti inflamattorys just in case. I noticed that after that until today i burp all day everyday, literally atleast onfe every 5 minutes. I get indegestion sometimes which hurts like hell. Pain in the mouth of my stomach and acid that goes all the way up to my throat. Well today after eatimg a mcchicken, which i have eaten a thousand times before, the same thing happened. The weird feeling in my nose and throat. Alot of burping. I automatically thought it was an allergic reaction and again went to the ER. No swelling, no rashes nor itchiness. I also have really dry lips and dry and stuffy nose. Im freaking out, i dont know if its an allergic reaction or my acid causing that feeling. Any thoughts?  I have eaten salsa and mcchickens since i can remember with out sny problems.
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