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Weird throat gurgling

For about 7-8 years now ive noticed that my throat makes a weird gurgling noise, REALLY loudly, like embarrasingly loud. I get really embarrased in a quiet room, i'm starting university next week and obviously im going to be going to lectures, where it will be quiet and its going to be really embarrasing.
Anyway, I can never burp and never have been able to. Dont know if this is related to it in anyway, but my throat gurgles alot, and then gets worse and worse, and eventually makes me sick.
I think that it has got worse over time. But when I lye down for about an hour or so, it goes away. But after a few hours it can come back. Which is annoying. It ruins my nights out, days out ect, because it makes me sick and its really loud and embarrasing. I have been to several doctors, hospital and nobody knows what it is.
I really would like to cure this, and I would do ANYTHING to stop this from happeneing.
Does anybody have the same problem? Have you cured it? How?
Please let me know.
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