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What can cause lower abdominal pain triggered by certain physical movements?


For the last 2-4 weeks (2-3 weeks after I had a one night stand encounter with a girl - first week after, I felt some urethra tingling), I've started to experience lower abdominal dull pain (1.5 inch below the belly line to the right or left), tenderness, also feeling of bloatedness and like something is protruding under the skin (no visible bump) from either the right or the left side (on the left side it also seems to also radiate to the groin or left testicle area) that seems to get activated when I do certain physical movements, like like playing table tennis/billiard, sitting on the couch with my back aligned with the back of the couch, bending over, lifting some bag of groceries, moving my stomach to a certain range that would activate it.

So far I've seen a family doctor, general surgeon, urologist and gastroenterologist. I got blood work, urine test, occult blood in stool test, ultrasound of the scrotum, abdominal complete, abdominal of the pelvis, abdominal wall. Full STDS panel (couple of times). And all came back negative and no evidence for hernia (also doctors did a physical examination for a hernia).

Gastroenterologist mentioned it could be Irritable Bowel Syndrome made worst by stress, but I don't really feel more stressed than usual, also there are no other typical symptoms to IBS such as diarrhea, nausea or anything else. Or he said it could be a stomach muscle strains, but I doubt it can that be felt like it's from the inside of the stomach and radiates to the groin area.

I'm considering to get a CT of the abdominal and pelvis with contrast, with hopes that it will show something that ultrasound doesn't (hernia or something else?), and a stool test for ova and eggs (although I don't have any diarrhea).

I just want to get this thing diagnosed and treated asap, and I feel like so far all these doctors I've seen and tests I've done are completely useless to help with my condition.

Does anyone have any idea or suggestion what could cause the symptoms I'm describing or what other doctors/tests I should see/get?

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Hello and thank you for the question.  We're glad you've worked with your doctor on this.  Why is it you do not trust their testing and conclusions?  They are trained to practice medicine and have taken an oath to care for their patients.  Health anxiety is a rue phenomena.   https://www.healthline.com/health/health-anxiety.  While I don't minimize your symptoms, you've been given realistic reasons for the issues you are having.  My first thought upon reading your post was hernia.  Here's information on hernias. https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/understanding-hernia-basics.  Perhaps a question may be that there is a protrusion that is not yet a hernia but that you are feeling.  We can't answer that here so please inquire with your doctor. Parasites which was the other test you feel they should run most typically results in diarrhea and foul smelling gas.

Things also to look into is your diet.  Do you have a sensitivity to gluten, for example.
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Thank you for your comment.
So you think CT would be the next test to do as it's more sensitive to dedect hernias as opposed to ultrasound?

I'm not aware of a gluten sensitivity, and have been eating rye bread for years now. How likely I could have developed sensitivity or Crohn's disease?
I really can't recommend tests from this vantage point.  That's a decision your doctor would need to make with you.  Again, please consider what role health anxiety is playing in your perception of things.  please read that information thoroughly to fully understand how this can impact your desire to continue to run tests even after reassurance from your doctor.  If you again see your doctor and they agree that there is further need to look into a potential hernia, then this would be best.  A CT scan is most often used for an abdominal hernia. Perhaps they will recommend an MRI which is often what is recommended when the issue results after physical activity. It can detect a tear in the abdominal muscle. However, please note that this type of testing is expensive.  This may be why you have not been recommended to have this thus far.  I would not continue to relate this to your sexual episode as it seems physicians have ruled this out and again, this would point to an issue of anxiety playing a role.  

Here is information on gluten sensitivity and what that might look like in people.  https://www.medicinenet.com/nonceliac_gluten_sensitivity_intolerance/article.htm#is_there_any_evidence_that_nonceliac_gluten_sensitivity_is_really_a_disease_or_condition.  That you have increased symptoms just after exercise would need further evaluation on your part to see if in actuality, your diet is involved.  A food journal may help with that.
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Help please
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