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What can my left side pain be?

I'm an incarcerated 58 yr old white male and long-time vegetarian. For several months now, I've had periodic low-grade but constant pain in my left side around just under my rib cage area. I don't know of any organ there, but I'm drinking about 2 liters of water daily because drinking a high volume of water seems to be the only thing that helps me lessen the pain. My diet is bad here because they first allowed me a lot of soy, beans, cabbage, eggs, and rice on a completely vegan diet with no dairy. Then they took away my vegan diet and are trying to make me eat a meat diet. I can't do that so, I'm having a poor diet of a plateful of whatever vegetable (mostly potatoes, some beans, cabbage, salad, etc) is on the menu for that day and water. I'm losing weight too, but I don't notice the pain increasing with any particular food. It is just there, but I do know it is not kidney stones or diverticulis. What can it be?
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It sounds like gastritis is the most likely culprit, particularly given your poor diet, and the fact that drinking water helps alleviate the symptoms: https://www.healthline.com/health/pain-under-left-rib

It could also be a problem with your spleen, but I feel like you would be in a LOT of pain if your spleen ruptured.  None of the other possibilities seem to fit your symptoms.  Is there any way for you to see a doctor?
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Thank you for the info and suggestions. Why is it that drinking a lot of water would help dimish the symptoms? And, no, unfortunately, short of finding me collapsed, they won't allow me to see the doctor.
Basically, it's the same reason that drinking a lot of water helps when you have a urinary tract infection.  If you've got bacteria that are causing the pain, the water "dilutes" the amount of bacteria and flushes it through.  It's a temporary fix, because the bacteria begin to grow again quickly, re-igniting the pain.

That's truly terrible that you can't get proper medical care.
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