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What can this be? Need help!

Hello. I am turning to you because my girlfriend has been having stomach problems for about 3 years and it keeps getting worse. First it started as a general nausea which shortly became constant to the point where she sometimes vomited immediately after waking up. After badgering the GP for months, she finally tested her for H.Pylori which came back positive. She did a course of antibiotics to kill the bacteria. In the meantime she changed GPs and was also sent to an endoscopy. The results said she has chronic gastritis, hiatal hernia and GERD. Her only symptom so far was nausea so she was surprised to hear about other problems. They put her on PPI's which only made her problems worse as she did not have problems with reflux before, only after taking the PPI's. They switched them around 4 times due to unpleasant side effects until she decided that they do more harm than good. She decided to try natural remedies. She is careful about food, avoids more or less everything that might give her reflux or cause bloating but she still gets nauseous, bloated and reflux every day. For the past year, the biggest problem has been the food digestion. If she presses on her stomach after hours of not eating, you can still hear sounds coming out like water sloshing. It causes her a lot of pain. The most disturbing info is that the food that she eats is sometimes not digested even a little bit after 8 hours of eating that meal. She noticed that once when she was so sick that she had to throw up. She saw that the food looked exactly the same, not a bit digested. Everyday her abdomen is bloated, hard to the touch, she has difficulty passing gas and has diarrhea often. Almost everyday she has cramps in her abdomen, like something wants to move forward but can't. Today her nausea was so bad that she couldn't eat and at some point her heart rate jumped all the way to 153 bpm.

What could this be? Specialist have been ignoring her problems due to her young age. They always say that her symptoms are due to gastritis and GERD. I believe that it is not possible for those two conditions to cause specific problems, for example the slow digestion problem. I am really worried, nobody wants to look further in to this. Her mental health has also declined due to the problems. Sometimes she gets so worried during the nausea and heart episode that she starts to shake uncontrolably. I really want to help her. I can't stand seeing her in so much pain and discomfort. Please give us some advise. Thank you all!
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I have been going thru the same thing for the last 8 months! Can’t wait to see the feedback on this! It’s a nightmare!! Praying she gets the help and relief she needs.
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So, I see they are diagnosing her.  How do they diagnose her?  What kinds of tests has she had?  And what medications have they tried?
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So far she had an endoscopy(in 2018) and a couple of ultrasounds. As for medication, she tried around 4 different proton pump inhibitors but they didn't help with her condition.

Today we were forced to go to a hospital because it has been 4 days since she actually ate something. They gave her a saline drip, a painkiller and pantoprazole. She started to feel better but only for about half an hour, then the nausea came back. The diagnosis was, as always, gastritis made worse by acidity. They gave her a perscription for a different PPI and send her home. At home I made her mashed potatoes and cooked some fish. She had two bites and felt like she is gonna vomit again. I put her to bed and she took some sort of an herbal remedy. It relaxed her enough so she fell asleep.

I believe her problems are made worse because she worries about her health a lot but is the power of the mind really that strong? What would you recommend?
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