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What causes stool to have two textures?

Im a 34 year old male.
Every time I have a bowel movement the stool is always ALWAYS hard lumpy with a soft “tail”. It’s not separate stools in  one sitting. It like the body glued the healthy poop to the back of a constipated hard poop. Also can never completely clear the bowels in one sitting. Theres always something lingering around.

The Bristol stool chart indicates the hard stool is a sign of dehydration and the color and consistency of the “tail” is normal. While not being able to completely evacuate is not normal. I drink water regularly though. Even tried drinking more often with no sign of change. (Hard to do if your not thirsty). So what gives?

If its different then described it because I'm currently sick.
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Remember that being thirsty is a sign of dehydration so hydrating means not waiting for the sign but preventing it through liquid intake.  Think of your intestines like a water slide at an amusement park.  You need water to move the cars down the slide.  That's why hydration is such a big part of proper bowel movements.  So, just keep working on that.

Beyond that, how is your diet?  Do you eat a lot of fresh fruit?  Do you get plenty of fiber?  I have a son with a slow moving digestive tract.  Always has been.  We combat it with a strategy of a daily probiotic.  He drinks a probiotic smoothie (Dannon activa brand bought in the dairy department of the grocery) or they also make a pill form.  The second part of the strategy is a cup of purple grape juice a day.  That was recommended to us by an ER doc when we were there evaluating if he had appendicitis when he actually had a bowel blockage of his own poop.  Lovely.  But he does go all the time too so it is confusing.  Anyway, doing those two things as well as a generally heathy diet and exercise, keeps things fairly regular.  

What are you sick with?
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