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What could cause green stools from time to time?

From time to time I notice that my stool is green. Sort of a light green. I am confused but not worried. Bowel movements are normally very normal, 2-3 times per day.
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Ahh, the dreaded green stool.  I think it happens to everyone  in life.  You actually probably have more than the normal amount of bm's a day if it is 2 to 3 times.  But if it is your normal, I won't argue.  We're all different.  How often do you have the greenish tint to your stool?  Do you think it could be in relation to things you've eaten?  Some foods have dies in them that do come out in our feces.  Also, chlorophyll which is found in green leafy vegetables also can leave a greenish hue.  Now, bile pigment can make stool look green and this happens if food moves too quickly through the digestive tract that it isn't properly broken down. This would also make sense if you are having bowel movements so frequently during the day.  Are your stools loose or soft? Lastly, infection can cause the greenish color.  Any other symptoms to report?  And is it a one off thing or ongoing problem? https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/311377#factors-of-poop-color
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The only abnormal issue with stool that I have is the occasional green tint and as you suggest a more than average number of bowl movements per day. I go when my body says it is time to go and I do not put it off. I would say 3/day, some days more, some days less which would put me "almost average". My stool is a 3-4 on the Bristol scale 99% of the time.

I have checked your link, thank you. I don't think that I fall into any of those causes. I have considered diet and medication and see no issue.

I have noted that it seems to occur "mid ****". In other words a stool looks normal, color, texture, etc. but in the middle of it the color changes abruptly.

I will continue my journey.
Yes.  'something' has to be causing it.  You don't think it could be bile from your digestion taking place a little too quickly?  That's the one I thought most likely.  And the color is daily?
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