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What does it mean if a bile supplement helps digestion?

My wife has been suffering from digestive problems for years. She has difficulty tolerating a number of foods and has problems with delayed stomach emptying. She had endoscopy that showed mild gastritis and some retained stomach contents. A gastric emptying study showed she has gastroparesis. An abdominal ultrasound showed no abnormalities.

Her main symptoms are gas, bloating, burping and general indigestion. Her gastroenterologist wanted to give her acid-blockers but I've heard that those will only mask the problem and possibly make it worse in the long-run. She doesn't have heartburn, just bloating and burping. One thing is that she has difficulty tolerating anything with fat in it, so usually has to eat very low-fat meals. So far, the ONLY thing that has helped her is something recommended by a functional nutritionist. She thought her problems digesting fat could indicate a bile problem so she recommended a bile and digestive enzyme supplement called Bile Builder. It contains Choline, Taurine, Beet Root, Pancreatic Lipase, Ox Bile, and Collinsonia Root (stone root). This supplement has made it A LOT easier for her to tolerate foods containing fat and helps with the "GERD symptoms" of bloating and burping after meals.

So what does it mean if this supplement is helping her? Does this mean she should have some additional tests on her gallbladder and/or liver? Which ones? As I mentioned, an abdominal ultrasound she had a few years ago didn't show anything. If there any gastroenterologists reading, I'd like to know what you think about this. We never would have found this helpful supplement though her regular doctor and it was only after seeing an alternative nutritionist that she got any relief.
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