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What does this pathology report tell me?

I had a giant hamartomatous polyp removed from my duodenum two months ago. Part of the pathology report goes like this (and I’m translating from Turkish):
Juvenile/Hamartomatous polyp fragments

Ulceration on polyp surface and reactive changes were observed. These were interpreted as “focal epithalial atypical dsyplastic changes” No invasive carcinoma was observed.

What should I make out of this sentence? Can dyspasia be diagnosed like this? Why doesn’t it mention grade of dysplasia? Please help me make heads or tails of this.
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Did they ever follow up with you about your path report? What did the doctor say?  The No invasive carcinoma observed basically is great news. No cancer observed. Remember that dysplasia means abnormal cells.  It can mean cancerous cells but doesn't always.  A polyp is usually classified as low grade. I do believe the report is telling you that you don't have cancer and they removed the polyp so should be good.  But please let me know what the doctor says!
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