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What else can I do!!?? Dr.s dont want to help anymore.

Hi there! I was told i have chronic pancreatitis back in 2010, afterwards my gall bladder was removed. Since then I have been hospitalized countless times each year, soo many MRI's, CT's and 1 ERCP. I also have SOD type 3.  I went to Indiana University so Dr. Lehman can take care of me for the ERCP. I had a Stent inserted but 2 weeks later due to a flare up during the ERCP they inserted a Feeding tube for 6  months and they found the stent fell out. 2 days before i had my feeding tube removed i was called by my DR and was told that the biopsy they took during the ERCP came back positive for adenocarcinoma, but he feels that he caught it soo early that he removed all of the cancer. I went for a 2nd opinion back in my state of OHIO where their Drs., regardless of already having previous dignosis, dont belive that im in pain when I go to the hospital with a flare up. They dont belive I have pancreatitis even though one of the top Dr.s for the pancreas in the nation diagnosed me! They send me home every single time. Im no longer on pain meds. When I talk to any DR. that treats me at my local hospital they have no clue what Spincter or Odi Disfuction type 3 is. I went for the 2nd opinion and the results came back "your tissue looks normal, i looked at the site where the biopsy was taken and you can see scar tissue around the 2nd mass and your biopsy site". I asked if he biopsy this 2nd mass that i was unaware of and he said no! So Ohio heath systems and trinity health systems has failed me and now im losing hope. Is there something im not saying to them to take me seriously? What do i have to do to get help? Also, my father died from pancreatic cancer when he was 56 years old. They did genetic testing on me and it was negitive. I dont drink any form of alcohol at all (i think it stinks lol). What can i do??
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