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What is Hepatodiaphragmatic interposition of colon?

My wife's  CT scan shows Hepatodiaphragmatic interposition of Colon which may be associated with Chilaiditi
What does it mean
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Hello there, I did not know what this was so looked it up. It said it can happen to people with a long colon.  I think that the gastro forum could help more.  While I get that for you, here is a definition

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Hi, this is the gastroenterology forum, you may get more help there as this is the Hepatitis C forum.
I'll keep looking. After you click on this there is a box with an icon  magnifying glass next to it. Type in the Hepatodiaphragmatic Interposition of Colon.  Click on magnifying glass, if nothing comes up try the Chilaiditi.

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I tried to find information that explains it. A lot of what I found was in very medical terms.
I hope this helps  you.  Also please ask your question in the gastroenterology forum for more assistance. I'll check back in

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