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What is causing my constaint nightly butt itching?

For almost 1&1/2 years My butt has been itching right on the anus almost every night. At first when it started it would itch a little an I wouldn’t think anything of it till about 4 months in it started getting worse even to the point it would itch in the middle of the night while I’m sleeping causing me to wake up. Now the itching has gotten better but it hasn’t completely gone away it still itches almost every night just not as severe. I tried every over the counter item you could think of to try for my butt and none stopped the itching. I even tried pinworm medication twice. The only thing that helped somewhat was taking AZO the kind for yeast infection but if I would stop taking for a day or two it the itching would come back. I also tried sensitive detergent Incase I was maybe allergic to my bedding and that didn’t stop the itching either.

About 6 months or so ago I went and seen a hemorrhoid specialist thinking that was what I could have since at first when I started having this problem it was like I my poop would be super big like too big to come out and I would have to sit on the toilet sometimes for an hour or more and it would hurt very bad and I’d have to just pain through and force it out to stop the pain and sometimes because of that I would even bleed (until now about 3-4 months ago all of that just randomly cleared up and I don’t have that problem anymore just the itching). The dr didn’t notice any redness or hemorrhoids. The only thing she could tell me was maybe my butt hair was too coarse and that could be causing the itching to try laser hair removal (didn’t try cause 1 I thought she was crazy and how could that be it if it hasn’t itched years before from my butt hair(never shaved before so I can’t be itching from razor shaving) And 2 you have to pay out of pocket for laser and it costs too much) so I went back asked for a prescription for a cream to try and she gave me proctzone (spelling?) that didn’t do anything either to help. I still had the problem so I found a new primary doctorthan my regular one and went to her for a second opinion and she looked at my problem and said she didn’t see any redness or irritation and that it could be anxiety. (But thinking I’m never anxious in my own home and how could anxiety cause my butt to itch and every single night and only at night and not just occasionally?) I went back for a follow up appointment and she had me swab the area to send it to get tested For any infections. And results came back that I didn’t have any infections or diseases.

This is really annoying because I’d really like to find out what could be causing this problem and I feel like I never will solve this. It’s weird that it only happens at night time but it’s not pinworms. Can anyone give me advice on what could be causing this or what I could try that I haven’t yet. I’m desperate to try anything at this point!
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Well, that sounds like a big old pain in the butt.  Okay, sorry. Bad joke.  But really.  That's got to be annoying.  It's the same spot at all times?  I've never heard of course butt hair causing severe itch . . .  that's a little suspect.  So, a specialty you may want to consider is a dermatologist.  what if it is fungal on the skin?  What if it is an allergy of some sort?  It would be odd to just show in your butt area but who knows.  It does fit patterns for both of those things. How long has the itch been happening?
I haven't heard the hair thing either so I'm checking with a gastroenterologist I currently go to now to see what she thinks first. I was suggested to probably see a dermatologist so if she cant help i'll check with the dermatologist or maybe even a colorectal doctor (spelling?). At first I was thinking it could be an allergy because I used to be allergic to dairy about 6 years ago and would get hives bad from eating way to much dairy but weirdly I out grew it within a year after I was diagnosed but I went off dairy for a week to see anyways and there wasn't any difference. The previous primary dr said she didn't see anything on the skin no irritations. And if it was those its weird to why I only itch at night and never during the day. The itch has been happening for almost a year and a half now.
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I know this sounds crazy but have you considered pinworms? They are known to come out at night and causing itching on the butt hole
They are very common to pick up and easily treated
Best way to test would be to put tape on your bum over night and check in the mornings
They are tiny little and white and cause a lot of itching
I did think if it could be pinworms I’ve done the tape test and nothing I even took the over the counter pinworm medicine just Incase and it didn’t work so I don’t think it’s pinworms then
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Sounds like possibly candida. (Over growth of yeast) I went to a functional medicine nurse and was diagnosed with that and they gave me some natural supplements and a diet to get rid of it. Praying
When you had it did you only experience itching at night? It seems that might be what I have because I tried that over the counter yeast medicine AZO and it seemed to work until I stopped it and then after a few days it would come back again.
Google candida diet. If you are interested, I can try to find the names of the supplements I took. You’ll more than likely did to cut out sugar. Sugar feeds the yeast. It was mostly at night.
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