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My pain started almost 2 years ago, with severe chest pain, fainting and low hemoglobin.  Since then the pain has come and gone on and off.  The pain is usually in my stomach and then will radiate into my chest and into my back and face.  I have had almost every GI test you can have and they have found nothing.  During, one the the episodes, which can last up to 2 months at a time) It hurts soon after I eat (anything), and I feel full really fast.  Then it hurts into my chest and back and face.  I also feel nauseated.  I just had a gastric emptying test and it was normal.  I think part of the problem is that by the time the clinics get me into for a procedure, the episode has gotten better.  I have been miserable on and off for 2 years now.  Any suggestions.  Does gastroperesis usually go away on its own?  I have had no surgery and do not have diabetes.  I do have an under active thyroid, (treated) but otherwise have no diagnosed health issues.  Since this started, I have seen an hematologists to check on the low hemoglobin, a quantum touch healer, my kinesiologist./chiropractor, ENT for the pain in my face...   OR could it be functional dyspepsia and I have to live with it.  I need some help!
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I just read your symptoms, and they are quite a bit like mine right this minute.  My chest, bacj, and left arm are killing me!  I have Crohns disease, and a few years back, my GI told me that one of the three Crohn's ulcers that are in mt stomach is located right  on the Vagas nerve and causing this horrible pain.  I also have intermittant esophageal spasms, usually with the first bite or two of a meal, that actually pushes the food I have swallowed back up my throat into my mouth or nose.  This is usually followed by hiccups.  
  I went to an ENT two weeks ago because I have had a cracked, croaky voice for almost 6 months, and no infection cultured out from throat swabs.  He has me taking an extra Prilosic OTC at night, which makes my daily dose three per day, and using AsthmaCort inhaler two puffs twice a day.  So far, no help.  Any clues from anyone would be a great help!  
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