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What is my next step? I'm scared!

I'm a 27 year old female and have been having digestive problems for at least the last 5 years.  The last 2 years have been the worst and it seems now that I can not digest good naturally.  My fear now comes from the fact that laxatives, and other digestive remedies, are not working.  I have a piercing pain under my left rib cage - I feel like I haven't felt well or nomral in months.   I'm constantly feeling like I have the flu bug, due to aches and pains, abnormal body temperature and this horrible 'side ache.'  I've very scared and I've finally made an appointment with a specialists but it is not for months.  I've tried eating high fiber, excersing, getting on a normal schedule - nothing works and I feel like things are getting much worse with this side pain and no possible way to digest my food.  Please telll me the next step,
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When you say you can not digest your food, what do you mean? Are you able to keep it down? I sometimes get a pain in my left side and I told my doc about it, she said it's prob irritable bowel syndrome and it can be worsened by stress. Don't know if that's what you have or not. I wouldn't use laxatives though, I find that after I use something like that I am sore for a day or two.
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First, you need treatment right away. Why do you have to wait? Your problem could be pancreatitis which by now would be chronic.
If you drink, stop immediately! If you don't drink, than either you have an underlying condition or a inherited  trait. The pancreas among other things,  produces bile for digestion. You may have a stone blocking a duct. Your gallbladder could be blocked with stones and sludge. At any rate in order to digest food, it needs bile.
Hopefully it is IBS as mel717 suggested.
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