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What is my responsibility in limiting the risk of spreading a parasite it to others?

Hello, I have an intestinal amoeba that is often considered 'non-pathological' (it's called Endolimax Nana) but for me it gives me periodic trends of gas, soft stool, itchy butt (pruritus ani), and once or twice hard-to-see stains from farts.

This amoeba has been difficult to get rid of, the last medicine did not work. I have been really stressed out on what my responsibility is, or how far it goes, to make sure I do not pass this to others.

I always wash my hands, usually shower in the morning, - but if I fart and maybe my boxers get an invisible stain, or just smell a little so you know there is fecal matter there, does that mean I should change the sheets I sleep in, or the pants that the boxers came into contact with? -Because those will come into contact with other things as well? - That just seems overkill because it would take over my life then/i'd always be thinking about it. Wondering what others thoughts are.

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I should clarify - when i say i’ve stained underwear once or twice, that’s in total over several months, not every day
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thank you for the question.  I hope your doctors are working with you to help rid yourself of this parasite!  The type you have is considered a non pathogenic parasite or in other words, fairly harmless.    In fact, harmless enough that it is recommended that doctors look for other contributing factors to symptoms than just this protozoa.   I would look at information published about amoebias for information.  Generally, if you are washing your hands being careful to fully dry afterwards, not sharing things like towels,  perhaps washing your own underwear are good ideas for not spreading it.  Beyond that, gas would be unlikely to spread it so do not worry about flatulence.  Hare is some general preventative information.  https://patient.info/travel-and-vaccinations/travellers-diarrhoea-leaflet/amoebiasis
Thanks Sara, that is helpful and reassuring.
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Try to practice fasting. Look into it because it helps me
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