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What is the condition called when you can rarely pass gas

Had breast reconstruction over 10 years ago - TRAM flap with abdominal muscle. Digestion issues worsen every year. Physician prescribed Amitiza last year but now have to meet new-year deductible before I can benefit from manufacturer coupon. Symptoms now include increased, painful bloating, no burps, no flatulence and no bowel movement after about 5 days drinking only water. Usually fruit or juice will help but nothing is helping or happening. Suggestions welcome and encouraged.
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Well, that is annoying--- I'm sure uncomfortable too.  If you can't release the gas do you get a lot of pain?  Have you looked into lactose intolerance? It can complicate this problem, so would cut down on your dairy.
You can try yoga.  Don't laugh. But it can help force you to pass gas. Asanas (heard of the child's pose) and other positions might help. Chewing gum, drinking carbonated soda can help (and remember, our body releases gas TWO ways, tooting and burping).

what does your doctor say about this issue?
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