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What is the physical effect of Benadryl on the Digestive track and why?

What are the physical effects of Benadryl on the Digestive track and why? I realize Benadryl's primary design is to be an Antihistamine but after taking Benadryl (about 30 min later) my stomach to my large intestine starts to work normally again for about 4-1/2 more hours until it wears off. I live with severe spasms, bloating, reflux and constipation because my track doesn't move properly, lived on laxatives for years. I just learned after taking Benadryl I get much relief from digestive issues and food begins flowing normally with all the above problems fading away and the colon starts to empty. Does anyone know what Benadryl is doing to my digestive track? Allergies! I'm a very-very allergic person so it's all possible to be food allergy related but that would mean I would be allergic to every food sold in the food store, which is unlikely. I have had allergy food testing and the allergist says I'm not allergic to these foods I regularly eat, prick, intradermal and blood allergy testing all came up negative for foods I regularly eat. I think it's more likely Benadryl is doing something else on the digestive track. Any ideas?
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Well, the interesting thing about Benadryl is it CAN on occasion cause either diarrhea or constipation!  Therefore, my guess is it's giving a little diarrhea type effect.  ALSO, Benadryl can make people less anxious, make them drowsy and sleepy.  So, there's the second plus for you, it relaxes  you, and this will always make the body function more easily.

I do not think of this positive effect on your digestion as allergy-related, altho I can see why you think so.  But generally an allergy is something that does not agree with you.  Instead, I think of this Benadryl benefit as a side effect, as it is listed in rather long lists but rare lists of fairly minor side effects, which is why you can buy it over the counter.  I know people who use it regularly as a sleep aid, so I can see no harm in continuing with taking it, but obviously do not exceed the dose recomended on the box you get it in.

I had a similar thing happen with another drug.  I have no idea what it was, but I had a problem with some constipation out of nowhere.  But then, since I do take a lot of medicines, I noticed it went away, so I figured it was one of my medicines.  Recently I had all my meds changed a little, and I'm back with this stupid constipation, and am working on a daily solution to make it stop.  Husband and I have lots of solutions, and I'm working on them!

I do not know why benadryl is helping you, don't know the particular item in with the medicine, nor any other reasons other than I've given, but I think its fantastic to get relief like you have after so many years.  Keep us posted on how you're doing maybe one more post in a few weeks, just so we can keep up with the three cheers, or help you if it quits working (heaven forbid).  GG
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I suffer from reflux and a strange type of digestive illness which makes my entire body fall out of homeostassis, cause respiratory problems, diahhrea, vomiting, dehydrated, pale, and tons of other symptoms. Strangely, benadryl also helps me with these symptoms. It makes them go away within 20 minutes. It's really Nice because I have nearly died twice from this.
You might want to consider finding a doctor that is at least familiar with mast cell disorders, particularly mcas/mcad, to get checked out. I relate very well with your experiences and just recieved that diagnosis myself
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Benadryl is an antihistamine. There are 2 types of histamines (that I am aware of) H1 being related to allergies and H2 being related to digestive processes. Therefore my guess is that benadryl is blocking some of the H2 histamines and releiving symptoms.
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It depends on the dosage. Benadryl also acts on the digestive tract because it involves seratonin reputake; seratonin is responsible for the contracture of your intestines amongst other things. Excess seratonin will also cause diarrhea. This article explains it well: http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2009/01/treating_insomnia_with_less.html
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My daughter has had abdominal migraines since age 5 a she is now 11. For years, she suffered horrific stomach aches that would strike seemingly at random, about once a week, and she would have severe pain and nausea lasting an hour or two and culminating in vomiting about 80% of the time. During these episodes, she would sit on the toilet with her head in the garbage can screaming inconsolably, not sure which end was about to erupt, and nothing, absolutely NOTHING, I could do would help whatsoever. It is horrible, as a parent, to be absolutely helpless and watch your child in agony like this. We suffered this situation for years - pediatric gastroenterologists, invasive tests, ER visits, many different medications - nothing helped. Finally in desperation on a hunch I tried giving her a benedryl during an attack. Miracle! It worked! And it has worked ever since. Benedryl stops the attack in its tracks after about 15-20 minutes. I told the doctor and he said it had to do with the antiinflammatory effect. He said it was fine to use it this way. It has never once failed to help. Her attacks happen only once every few months now - kids usually grow out of this condition - but it still works. There is definitely something to this, this idea of benedryl and stomach aches. I'm glad it helped you too.
You described my life from age 11 to 21. Every Sunday night it would begin for me.  As I got older the attacks lasted longer.  Many trips to many emergency rooms and many doctors.  What they all failed to realize is that on Sundays, Italian Americans would eat pasta every Sunday night.  This was in the eighties. Some weeks I would vomit for 4 days straight with 4 different colors of stomach bile coming up. At age 21 My mom sent me to school in Italy for a semester. I was down to 72 lbs. (5' tall) She was desperate and a gut feeling told her this would save me.  
     Well, funny thing is it did, even with eating the same foods! Within 2 months I gained 30 lbs and not one attack!   In the late 80's the US already had Genetically Modified wheat and tomatoes in their food supply,  Italy did not !
   6 Mos later when i returned back to the US,slowly the attacks began again.  My first symptom was the pain and the spitting up of mucous. One day I decided to try benadryl bc  I remembered an allergist saying when I was younger,  that it had to do with food allergies even though I tested negative to many foods. Well, that's when I discovered the benadryl was a miracle worker for what I had.  
    I have since also learned that GMOs change the proteins in foods,  thus creating more allergies.  They are an assault on the immune system.
    When I had my daughter in my 30's many of my food allergies disappeared. Unfortunately, my daughter began showing symptoms of food allergies, (gastrointestinally) at 5 Mos of age.  At 18 mos. she was diagnosed with something called AEE. Allergic Eosinophilic Esophagitis, now most commonly referred to EOS.You might want to have your daughter tested for this.  Although, you must go to a doctor or hospital that is well experienced with this condition.  
   Lastly, most importantly, this illness can be treated by diet alone! !!  They like to put these kids on all kinds of crazy med concoctions. Plus they like to endoscope them every six months.  I didn't do this. We only scoped for initial diagnosis and then years later if she became symptomatic again.
    Then when she was eight is when I made the connection between GMOs, and mine and her condition (there is a genetic link with EOS, and they've told me that's probably what I suffered from). However, at nine as more foods were available for her to eat,  I went completely organic.  Guess what? ? She's been in remission since. SHE'S  13 now!  
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