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What is the reason of Orange color leaks around stool?

I have noticed a few times that when I poop and leave it sitting for like 5-10 minutes, orange color surrounds the poop in the toilet bowel. It forms like a round shape and the poop and the water is orange. If I do not leave it for a long time and quickly flush it, I do not see anything, the toilet bowl is clean.
Is this normal?
I do not have constipation or diarrhea.
Do I need to be worried or visit a doctor?
I have experienced abdominal pain sometimes too after eating food, it only lasts a few mins like 5-10 mins.
I have sometimes flat stools too, at times pebble stools as well.
No other worrisome symptom.
If anyone has an idea why this happens or if it’s normal, please let me know.
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