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What is the test for celiac disease?

When I was a child many moons ago -- ok, about 70 years ago -- the doctor told my mother (I could not have been older than 4) that I had celiac disease, so she fed me bananas, hamburger meat, milk, and I can't remember what else. Then she (not the doctor) decided I no longer had celiac and started me on 'regular food.' I won't go through my life story, but I wonder, since I've been reading here from people who have celiac disease, what IS the test for celiac?
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The best medical test is a blood draw. See an allergist stop all wheat barely and rye.. know that includes beer. It is often heriditary.
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I will talk to my primary care dr about this. She is very helpful, although I must  be "proactive" with her in asking her questions and following up.
And by the way, some years ago when I did speak to a doctor about this, he said the only real way to tell is to take a sample of the colon and examine it for hairs,  but then, what do I know? I will, however, check further.
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