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What is this?! Gurgling up esophagus - audible, excessive

PCP and GI claim reflux.  I do have audio recordings of it on my phone.  EGD shows reflux and chronic gastritis.  The gurgling/vibrations up my esophagus are getting worse.  They are audible and embarrassing.  Seem to be worse with some foods and especially when I get nervous.  It’s so embarrassing.  I’ve tried NUMEROUS PPIs with absolutely no relief. Lying down flat on my back does seem to help but as of lately it comes right back after getting up.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Also, I can’t burp.  I’ve never been able to.  
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Hi there!  Glad you joined us!!You know I have had that too!  I know exactly what you are talking about.  It's like a stomach growl but  higher up.  I try to just not blink or act like it was me.  lol  Kind of like I do with all bodily functions.  I have the issue with things like pizza and especially if I drink a soft drink.  Have you ever kept a food journal to kind of get an idea what triggers it?  I'd do that.  What about the not being able to burp.  That's frustrating.  I have read about a condition called laryngopedia.  This is when the esophageal sphincter is very taut and won't relax.  They actually use botox to treat it these days (what doesn't botox treat, right?).  How long has this been going on or you?
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