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What is wrong with me? (Real scared)

About a month ago I got a stomach bug from my brother and I’ve haven’t been right ever sense.
Everyone in the house got it and we all got over it around the same time. I thought I had gotten much better but I noticed my stool was still loose and thin, I also noticed that it smelled really foul, had a strong onion like smell. The thing is my sweat underneath my armpit had a similar smell. This went on for about two weeks until I had a really bad episode. Diarrhea, vomiting, and severe dehydration, I had to go to the ER, they gave me fluids, They ran my blood ran my urine and they did a CT scan, all came back clear. But aside from throwing up my condition hasn’t really improved. Stool and sweat still smell foul, and I’ve also noticed I’m not quite absorbing food the way I should be, it seems to pass through me undigested. I’m really concerned it might be cancer, a lot of the information I find online( which is always  scary) seems to point to celiac disease, which is actually preferable to cancer, obviously.

I was just wondering if anybody had experienced something similar and could help me understand what’s going on with me. I have an appointment scheduled for this Monday but honestly the stress might be killing me faster than what is was actually wrong.
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