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What is wrong with me?

I have had my gallblader removed on Sept 18, 2008 - One week later I was in such severe pain that my surgeon admittd me to hopital. I have x-rays, CAT scan,MRCP & ERCP. Came home felt great for two days and was back in the hospital with severe abominal pains - enough for deloutin by vein - Did another Cat scan, Lower GI series and sent home again. Have to go in two weeks for a Colonscopy. I had Chicken Noodle Soup & salad with no fat dressing for dinner and spent the next 36 hours in excruiating pain. What could be going on?
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Maybe this site describing postcholecystectomy syndrome will help you.  

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just for giggles- try leaving out any uncooked fruits or veggies and see if you feel tons better- I can't eat them- I can eat cooked, canned, well steamed, but not fresh raw veggies or fruits.

What were all the results of the most recent tests?
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