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What kind of constipation do I have?

I have had chronic constipation for some time now. I have been able to improve the symptoms by taking fiber supplements, including Benefiber and Metamucil fiber wafers. I am now having regular bowel movements, however I still have the feeling that the bowel movement is incomplete. The stool is sizeable and of the desirable softness, however I have the feeling that there is more, hardened stool behind it that is not coming out. I do not feel fully emptied and cleaned out after a bowel movement. Does anyone have an idea of what kind of constipation I have and what can be done to treat it?
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Well, in all honesty, we are all a little different. This is the way I feel when I have 'too much' fiber.  Like I can't get it out!  My son has had chronic issues (to the point of having to go to the ER for constipation that resulted in a blocked bowel of his own 'stuff' . . . I know, gross but true).  What the emergency room told us was excellent for a slow digestive tract and constipation was a cup of grape juice every day.  And lots of fluids as you need a hydrated environment there in order for things to 'flow'.  And fresh fruit. We were never told to do fiber with him.  He did have an enema at that time to clean it out but we swear by the grape juice. The other add on we've had that has made a noticeable difference is probiotics.  I guess the gut really does well with probiotics.  This comes in different forms such as a supplement tablet you take, in yogurt you eat and my son prefers these little yogurt strawberry smoothies you buy in the dairy aisle.  Activa is a good brand.

Try these things and see if it helps and let me know!
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