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What prevention measures do you use to avoid getting pinworms?

Practice good hygiene. Washing your hands before eating or preparing meals helps prevent spread of infection.Avoid scratching the anal region.Avoid biting the fingernails.Keep fingernails short and clean.Wash all bedding and pajamas regularly.Be sure your child changes underwear daily.Frequently vacuum the play area.Despite these measures, it still may be quite difficult to avoid reinfecting yourself or spreading pinworms to others.
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I'm a 77 year old that has had a severe anal itch for around one month.  I had a prostate check about 5 days ago and asked the Urologist if I had some other problem because my rectum was itching like crazy and would wake me up at night.  He said some Lotrimin salve would ease the symptons.  Well, it has cleared up the rash, but has not stopped the itchiness at night.  What can I do?  Thank you.  Don Ryan
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I have been battling a severe pinworm infection for many months, with negative stool samples at least 7 samples. I have taken over-the-counter as well as prescription medicines. They are getting bigger and grosser, I'm cleansing laundry almost daily. I can't take this anymore. I even had a colonoscopy which was negative. All this started with my grandchildren. I'm so angry.
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My daughters had them. Medicine from the doctor will fix it, but you can also put a piece of Scotch tape over the anus and the worms will stick to it when they come out to lay eggs... short-time fix until medication starts. If the kids scratch, the eggs get on their hands. If they don't wash their hands well and ingest the eggs, it starts all over again.
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For pinworms, take 100 percent tea tree oil and hand lotion, apply to your anus area to kill and stop the female pinworms from laying more eggs, and to stop the itching immediately. One tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of cayenne pepper mixed well and swallowed quickly helps in killing the pinworms in your body. I have been using this home remedy and it works very well on my 5 year old and 6 year old! Launder everything a lot. Keep eating spicy foods, and wash hands constantly! I couldn't afford the expensive medication, so.
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