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For about four months now I’ve had this pain in upper abdomen area of my stomach right at the v of the rib cage. This all started when I was playing a video game that gave me terrible motion sickness and vertigo and I lost my appetite for almost two weeks. Granted my anxiety was through the roof and that could’ve been the cause of all this. I’ve had a CT scan, ultra sound and blood work done and it all came back normal but this pain hasn’t gone away. I’ve taken omeprazole, carafate and ranitidine but it doesn’t seem to help. I know I need to do an endoscopy and I had one scheduled but I had no one to take me because honestly I’m alone in all of this, my family isn’t very supportive and I have no one to drive me 40 mins to the GI for the endoscopy. I was hoping someone could help.
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So, that upper area could be your gallbladder.  Are you at all over weight?  Is it worse when you eat fatty food?
No not overweight at all and when I did the ultra sound they found polyps but they said it was nothing. As far as food goes it really doesn’t make a difference what I eat. Before all this started I was always eating pretty healthy aside from the guilty pleasure of fast food. It all happened so fast that I really can’t tell what food or drink bothers me and I really don’t wanna keep guessing anymore.
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