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What side effects, if any, did you have after your colonoscopy procedure?

As with any procedure, there are risks associated with a colonoscopy. Before obtaining your consent for the procedure, the doctor will tell you about the potential risks.The most common side effects are cramping pain and abdominal swelling caused by the air used to inflate the colon during the procedure. This air is expelled shortly after the procedure, and these symptoms generally resolve without medical treatment.If a biopsy is performed during the procedure, the patient may see small amounts of blood in the bowel movements after the examination. This may last a few days.Though rare, there is potential for the colonoscope to injure the intestinal wall, causing perforation, infection, or bleeding.Although this test is very helpful in finding the cause of many digestive diseases, abnormalities can go undetected. Factors that can affect this include the completeness of the bowel preparation before the procedure, the skill of the operator of the colonoscope, and the patient's anatomy.When this test is performed, the patient will be given sedating medications to make the test more comfortable. Whenever a medication is given, a risk of an allergic reaction or side effect of the medication itself is present. These IV medications are given under medical supervision, and the patient will be monitored during the procedure to lessen the risk of medication-related complications.
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During the 2nd week of November 2017 I had a colonoscopy. I had biopsy performed during procedure. Starting from 1st week of December 2017 I have had stomach upset every day, and the symptom feels like the pinch of needles but mild. Then I feel the air in my stomach and feeling like having a bowel movement but nothing comes out and then the pinch goes away. The symptom is on and off all day long every day.
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I have had burning at the end of my rectum ever since I had a colonoscopy. Had I known it would be like this, I would have never had it done. I never had pain before.
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Before my exam, my anus was fine. After the procedure, I continue to suffer from hemorrhoids but did not have cancer. I was not told acquiring hemorrhoids was a potential side effect. In the future, I will request I be given information and explanations pertaining to all known side effects and their percentages of occurrence prior to undergoing a procedure or taking medication as part of the informed consent process. I will make my decision whether or not to undergo a procedure or elect a less invasive procedure based on this explanation and internet research, from reputable sites, weighing the pros and cons.
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The result of my colonoscopy procedure was normal. Starting day after, I had upper abdominal pain that was not gas or bloating. Pain has lasted a month now and is only felt with twisting or forward bending motions and limits my physical activity. It is mainly on the upper left side and transverse below the rib line. Very frustrated as I am sure something during the colonoscopy caused this.
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I had a colostomy and 1 month after that I had a colonoscopy. A few days after I had the colonoscopy I ended up getting a bulge in the right side of my abdominal area which grew. It turns out to be a hernia and I have heard this happening before to another patient.
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