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What to do when a burp gets stuck in your stomach and loose the ability to burp?

3 months back, while eating a meal, I accidentally suppressed a burp. Ever since I have been having these symptoms:
> Constant tightness and Pain in chest..heavy weight on chest
> Headache all the time.. more after eating
> Pain in upper back.. poking pain in shoulder blades..
> Constant Pain in left side of abdomen upper side.. gets worse on eating .

> Bloating .. fullness
> Acidity.. 4-5.. 6 hours food stays in stomach
> No appetite but I force myself to eat

Whitish urine
Toxic foul breath

>>> Not been able to burp ever since
Unable to burp .. stays inside

I have seen a lot of gastroenterologist but no medicin (antacids, digestive enzymes, probiotics) nothing has helped.

Now I know that it was the suppression of the burp that led to it being trapped. It has changed the surface tension in my stomach which makes it impossible for burp to come up.
I need help.
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