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Whats Wrong With Me?

In February this year I awoke one morning with horrific pain in my stomach which lasted for about a week. After the pain left my bowels just went berserk with rumbling and gurgling at first it was just when I would lie down on my back or side now its just all the time.

My stools are always loose and watery and tend to float most of the time and then sometimes I get diarrhea. I had unprotected sex with a female in August 2008 and was terrified that she may have been HIV positive.
I asked her whether she had any std's and she said later that she had herpes she had a son so at the time I thought I'd not get into too much trouble.

A couple of days after having sex with this woman I had 3 lesions on my penis which looked like herpes to me and I do get the prodromal symptoms of herpes but have had no lesions reoccur.
Ive been to my Doctor (General Practitioner) and had multiple HIV tests and they have all come back negative they also tested for Hepatitis A,B & C all negative.

I made an appointment with a gastroentologist and waited a month and a half to be told I have IBS and then sent me away, I was a little bit annoyed with that as I don't believe its IBS.
I still have swollen glands in my groin and still having bowel problems and plan on going to have more tests for HIV as I don't know what else can be causing my problems.
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I would stop worrying so much about HIV.  Why dont you get a stool test to look for bacteria.  You may have picked up a stomach bug.  If it persists ask for a colonoscopy.
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I've had both blood tests and stool tests done and both came back with no problems although my stools are different ever since the stomach pain. (which felt like i'd been stabbed)

I gonna get them to see if the stomach pain was acute or chronic pancreatitis (Ive been drinking a hell of a lot over that last 3 yrs although have stopped since February) and see if I have pancreatic insufficiency or something.

I don't seem to have any other problems other than digestion and strange stools
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Usually a problem with the pancreas would show in bloodwork as well.  Maybe a colonoscopy to rule out colitis chrons or other things.  Have they checked your gallbladder?  Thats another thing that causes a  lot of pain and can cause weird stools.  It usually hurts on the right under the ribs and sometimes in the back.  Also check for h pylori infection.

If you did have lesions then you may have herpes.  I would not worry so much about the hiv if tests have been neg.   Herpes could possibly cause the swollen nodes in your groin.
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I can live with the herpes and gonna get them to checkout H.Pylori, Pancreas and Gall Bladder thanks for the advice any ideas on what going on is appreciated.
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