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What's going on? Parasite?

I'm a 21-year-old female, 120 lbs, in good health. I've been in France since February. Towards the end of February I got very sick for 36 hours. I had strange diarrhea, a high fever, dizziness, abdominal pain and I couldn't eat. I drank a lot of water and started feeling better. A couple of weeks later I started getting an incredible amount of gas. It has persisted until now. My abdomen makes a lot of noise when digesting. I also get repeated bursts of chills throughout the day. I haven't pinpointed these symptoms to any specific food, as it is quite constant. Could I have a parasite? Or is there some bacteria in the food here that I just can't process well?
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It would be worth going to your doctor and having them test your stool for parasites. That way they can pin point exactly what type if you have them. Or maybe you have picked up a bacterial infection in which your dr can check for that.
It is very common to pick up stuff when traveling over seas.
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So my symptoms of excessive gas and abdominal noises could be signs of a parasite? Was my initial illness when I first got them?
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I have a similar issue after traveling. Do you have an update?
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