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What's wrong with me? :( Someone please help.

Hello everyone, my names Andy.

Just over a month ago my doctor told me I had "Gastritis". For a couple of weeks previous I had not been eating as much as normal, I was very stressed out about everything in my life at that time. I had been feeling nauseous, I had no appetite and was getting a heavy feeling in my stomach. I wasn't put through any tests of any kind, my doctor just said to me it sounded like Gastritis, most likely due to so much stress that I was going through. I don't drink alcohol at all, I don't smoke, I don't eat spicy food ever. But I don't exercise much, my diet was not spectacular but not exactly toxic I wouldn't say. I'm a 22 year old male by the way, six foot tall. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis about a year ago, after having lived with the symptoms of that for the last couple of years at times, have been on meds for that ever since the diagnosis, its been under control :)

Anyway my doctor put me on some tablets called Lansoprazole, they were to reduce the acid in my tummy I believe, & my doctor told me just to try and eat more. I had those tablets for a month, one a day an hour before eating. My appetite was ruined, I didn't really get the stress in my life under control, I was making myself eat three times a day if that, I wasn't eating much, but I was trying. I finished that course of tablets and went back to see the doctor after a couple of days. I told her I was still getting the "heavy feeling" in my stomach, but I was trying to eat more. I was distressed that I had lost weight, because I had. I've always been a slim guy, but I finally thought in the summer that I was putting some weight on and filling out, looking good. But now its all gone & I was upset and scared that something was really wrong with me.

My doctor said that I was to have blood tests done, complete blood count, iron level check, liver function, thyroid test and another one. They all came back clear, which was a relief I suppose. My doctor just told me to carry on eating and to try and relax. My doctor reassured me that she didn't think I had a stomach ulcer or stomach cancer (I had a bit of a panic in her office taking about myself) This last week I have eaten more than I did all last month. However I have still been getting that "heaviness" in my stomach. I have never vomited throughout this whole ordeal, although I have felt VERY nauseous at times. My stomach feels different, its hard to explain.

It doesn't seem to gurgle any more for any reason. It feels like it wants to gurgle or rumble, as it that would relieve the way I feel, but it doesn't. Is that Indigestion? I'm not good with expressing myself. If I'm hungry my tummy will complain, but it sounds and feels like it's straining to do so. I asked my doctor if I should try cutting out dairy or gluten maybe, but she said "no you need to eat". I don't know what to.

This nausea is getting me down. My blood tests were clear apparently but my stomach IS NOT NORMAL :( I feel like those Lansoprazole didn't really do anything in the end. In fact after not having them for a week I got a really bad case of heartburn, like a burning feeling in my stomach and when I swallowed it would feel hot and horrible. That went away with Gaviscon tablets though. Maybe was there a connection to the Lansoprazole? I have been eating more like the amount I used to... but something isn't right. My stomach just doesn't feel like it used to. I used to just eat & not think twice about it, but now I worry how I'm going to feel every time I try and eat something, I'm starting to get really depressed :'(

I haven't felt like myself close to 2 months now & I'm really upset :'( I've lost weight, I keep thinking I've got a stomach ulcer, I'm afraid of vomiting so the episodes of nausea really get me down. I've been reading about something called H. Pylori? A bacteria that makes people feel like how I feel now, and also makes you get CANCER of the stomach :'( Apparently some people have Gastritis that can last for YEARS :'( If I feel like this for another month I'll start thinking really dark thoughts, seriously. If I lose anymore weight I will just fall down or blow away in the wind.

SOMEONE please suggest something, does it sound like I have been having Gastritis to anyone else???
Does it sound like I could have this H. Pylori bacteria?
How do you get tested for that? (I'm terrified of the thought of an endoscope) :'(
What's wrong with me? PLEASE HELP :'(
Is there a connection to my COLITIS?
I'm afraid to go back to my doctor :'(
I'm afraid of feeling like this forever :( :( :(
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Thanks for the responses guys. Its been almost 2 weeks since I posted this and I'm feeling a little calmer about what's wrong with me. I've continued eating pretty much normally and I've been sleeping ok still. I've made some progress concerning my stress, mainly just trying to distract myself away from how my stomach feels and trying to get on with things normally.

I've not felt nausea for about 3 weeks now. I was on some Anti-emetics for about 2 weeks coz I was so nauseous, but I've felt like I've not needed them for a while now which is good I suppose. The only thing that's really bothering me these days is a "heaviness" in my stomach, it feels like a ball of wind is in my stomach that won't budge. Its not there in the mornings but throughout the day it will just emerge and stay with me until I go to bed at night.

I'm hesitant to go back to my Doctor, I'm really scared of the thought of an endoscopy. Last time I went to see him was about 2 weeks ago, he inspected me quite thoroughly, felt all over my abdomen and my stomach, he even felt my throat and under my armpits for some reason. He said everything felt ok. He enforced his opinion that he thinks that my 22 year old self doesn't have stomach cancer or an ulcer. He just told me to carry on eating regularly and to carry on sleeping well... which I have done.

I think overall I feel better than how I did when I first posted on here, but I still don't feel great. Do you guys think I should go back to my doctor..? What do you think could be wrong with me?
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My Gastro doctor did the endoscopy on me recently and said I have redness in my stomach also, no ulcer or cancer, etc.  He did not seem to know why it was red but it had been red since May and he called it chronic redness.  I was on Carafate for awhile and he took me off cause he said after awhile it can cause problems.  I was on Reglan for about 6 weeks to move the food through faster to keep the acids from backing up, but I had a bad reaction and had to stop it, and he said there is nothing else that works like that except a drug that isn't approved in the U.S.  I have had several times where I have gotten sick at night, even with raising the head of the bed almost 6 inches and taking Pepcid Complete during the day as well as Nexium every morning.  I have now stopped drinking coffee and coke, no liquor, never smoked, and eat low fat foods, but my stomach at night is queasy feeling and I can hear it gurgling around all the time.  I do not know what to do to get it better and the doctor does not seem to have answers as to why there is redness or how I can make it go away.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hi, the best way to have a gastric ulcer diagnosed is by endoscopy. So, get this done, you will have a confirmatory diagnosis. And dont stress yourself so much, it is going to aggravate the gastritis. Peptic ulcers are eroded areas in the lining of the digestive tract usually in the stomach and duodenum. And gastritis is inflammation of the lining of the stomach. To reduce acid levels try good lifestyle measures. Take frequent small meals. Avoid spicy and oily food. Eat dinner about two hours before sleeping. Elevate the head end of the bed. Keep a food diary and note down what aggravates your symptoms and avoid them. Ensure to maintain optimum weight by regular exercise. Avoid NSAIDs, quit smoking, eliminate alcohol, avoid caffeinated beverages and reduce stress levels. OTC antacids can further aid in reducing acid levels. These measures need to be practiced long term for results. Regards.
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