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Whats wrong with me?????

I wake up every morning with indigestion burping, nueasa, oh yeah I used to spell real good but now since my short term memory is bad I can't spell no more so please excuse my spelling. Every time I eat or have to go I get severe cramps in either my stomach or lower abdomen. I'm so scared to eat. My appetite is real lousy and I only eat once a day I force myself. Sometimes there is heartburn. Last time I had a upper GI by a Gastro I was told I have hiatial hernia and my stomach was real raw on the inside. But I have always had problems with my stomach I'm allergic to milk raised on goats milk. I've been to different doctors I tell them of my problem and they only gave me for Heartburn but that does not help all my symptoms.
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Have you been tested for ovarian cysts?  They can cause a lot of those symptoms too.
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Since your Gastro told you that you had a Hiatal Hernia, and your stomach was raw, it seems to me that you are suffering really bad from reflux.  Did he mention anything about that at all?  He probably put you on the meds (probably proton pump inhiibitors) for the reflux.  In my case they hurt more than they help.  I find that if you do a lot of other things, sometimes they will help.  I will list them here, but if your gut is really inflammed or raw, these may take some time to help.  Firstly, you must watch what you eat and drink: No coffee, no tea (unless herbal), no spices, no citrus juices, no tomatoes which also have a lot of acid, no chocolate (yes, no chocolate - I hated that one).  Secondly, no meals, or snacks several hours before bedtime - this is a must if you do not want your stomach refluxing acid up into your esphogus while you are sleeping. Thirdly, get an adjustable bed or raise the head or your bed by at least 4-6 inches.  Fourthly, before eating, take a good 4X Pancreating and 2 DGL tablets (Enzymatic Therapy DGL) 15 minutes before eating.  Fifth, never eat when you are angry or upset (I mean the kind that really gets your emotions going).  Try these and let me know how you make out.  Been through all of what you have been through, so I know that these help.  Best to you, Hunko (Harry)
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