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White STRINGY Mucus in STOOL


I am just wondering if anybody ever had experienced the following:

I have been noticing, for the past 2 months on and off, white, stringy mucus-like substances FLOATING in the toilet when I am having a bowel movement.

Frankly, the best way to describe the white stringy substance is it looks a lot like seamen.  It floats at the top of the water and extends downward into the toilet, like a piece of string and the top just floats.

Today, I had a large amount of it in my stool that had a lilly-pad like shape.  The top of it was round and it extended down the toilet and had another rounded area at the other end.  It looked like two golf balls on a string, but a bit flatter on the ball areas.  

I know this part is GROSS... but I've been touching the substance and it immediately sticks to my finger and I can raise it out of the toilet.  It has the most sticky consistency... it is very attached to itself.  Like I can pull it apart and it will not break for a long time.

When it dries out from water, it is almost grainy and extremely sticky.  Best way to describe it is kind of like dried rubber cement.  

I have constant digestive issues and think maybe is Candida or some kind of fungus.  I cannot tell if I am passing it through my Urine or my Stool... again, it just floats at the top of the water and looks like seamen almost, but it is not seamen... I know for sure.  lol..

But again, its really bothering me and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.


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