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White Specks and Pale Stool

I went on vacation 2 weeks ago and about a week and a half ago I started to notice my stools were very soft, and I have been experiencing a lot of gas. I also have noticed with every bowel movement my stool has very tiny white specks. I do not eat anything with sesame seeds and I have not changed my diet in any way. These specks are actually smaller than the seeds and seem to be flat. There are a large amount uniformly throughout the stool.

A few days ago I started to notice with each bowel movement the stools seem to get lighter and lighter, they are not completely white yet but they are a light clay color and the white specks are still there.

Could I have caught something on vacation, I didn't go out of the country but it is the only thing I have done differently recently.
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It is almost certain that you have some sort of parasite infection in your digestive tract.  The white specks are a sign, plus the lighter-colored stool is from not enough bile, which can happen from a parasite infection.  So, you need to go to your doctor, he'll collect a stool sample, and after checking it out in the lab, they'll know what medicine to give you to kill off the parasite.  Sometimes when folks go out to eat more on vacation, stuff like unwashed salads will have parasites on them and you'll get infected, but you could have gotten them in other ways.  So, go to the doc, and the medicine should make those specks will go away, and you'll return to normal.
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I am a 15 year old girl and I have just recently realized I have white stringy stuff that is on my stool. What does this mean? I haven't gone anywhere out of the country I havent done anything different it just showed up.
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