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Who out there had pancreas removed for Chronic Pancreatitis?

Hello.  I have recently under gone two procedures which has involved my Pancreas.  I live with Chronic Pancreatitis.

It took me ten yrs to find a doctor.  Finally, after loosing so much weight, my internest, (reg doctor) referred me to

Indianapolis, North side Gastroenterology.  Well, the two procedures were, one to place a stent in bile duct.

That one was not suppose to have made me have pancreatitis, but it was one in a million.  I guess I was that ONE>\\

The next?  Just 13 days ago?  I had a celiac block done.  In which they burn the nerves around the pancreas.

I thought. finally.. then, about 2 days after the procedure?  I began with all symptoms all over again.  Could not

eat, drink, smoke, (good, huh?) put nothing in my mouth.  I had nausea, and a beginning of a complicated

migraine.  My back ground surgeries included (I had GERD so bad it took my voice away for 6 months.)

Then, I had a Nealson Fundeldoplication.  surgery in which the Doc. takes part of your stomach, pulls it up

to a part of your esophagus cuts, and places a band around it.  So, I can never vomit again.  When I get nauseated?

I actually feel it in my chest, and between my shoulder blades, and must take phenergan when this happens,

which it still does pose a problem for me.

I just wanted to get an idea of how many of you have had your pancreas removed, how was pre op?  how was

post op?  What kind of foods could you eat afterward?  How long a hospital stay?  Because, now... They want

to place a temporary Feeding tube in me to see if it will work, and I am so afraid of non necessary surgery, I

am waiting to see if I qualify for medicade.  I only have medicare.  Yes, I am only 53yrs. and receive Medicare,

because I no longer can work, and if I could work?  I would be out there doing anything, poop scooping, or anything.

Please let me know something, I see my Doc on the 25 of April.. Oh, while in the hospital?  I only saw him, like

twice?  The other times?  I saw (a God aweful Doctor who changed my meds all around, including my Psychiatric

Meds) Plus told me, "Oh, so you are the one who "Wants" a feeding tube?  Such non professional.  Then, the surgeon, came in and said, "Who is taking your case?"  I looked at him.. and said, My Doctor.  Let me out

of here.  So I can go home.  He did.  I drove to Docs. so I drove back home.

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oh my you been through allot my heart prayers are with you.it seems there so much going on today that we dont understand. i have a son who cant gain wieght he has a colon problem direaha everyday they say inflamation of colon but but on high dose of meds for 4 months that isnt working.so see i feel for you seems like we cant get a straight answer from the doctors.my son tells me everyday am i going to survive like this.well i told him yes you are.you hang in there you are in my heart an prayers .you ask questions they dont pay our bills we do.so you hang in there an let them know you want answers.thats what i am going tell my sons doctor next month i want answers.
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i have heard it is possible to have it removed,then i have heard it is NOT possible.
if it was so easy....i think patrick swayze would have his removed right?
i have a good friend i went through a apprenticeship with,he developed chronic pancreatitis via alcohol abuse,,,,and bottom line is its going to be terminal.
he has had all the procedures,been to the mayo clinic and had the best docs taking care of him,,,and he still gets reoccuring episodes,and each one of them damages his pancreas a little more each and every time,,,untill it ends up killing him.
i wish you the best,but im being honest with you when i tell you this info,,,please live life to the fullest.
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It's possible to have it removed. After removal, however, the person will develop diabetes, since the pancreas will no longer be there to create insulin. Additionally, they'll need to take pancreatic enzyme supplementation for the rest of their life in order to be able to properly absorb foods, since the digestive enzymes naturally produced by the pancreas will no longer be created. However, it is possible to live without a pancreas. As for Swayze's case, pancreatic cancer is fairly fast moving. It doesn't just invade the pancreas, it spreads very quickly, becoming essentially inoperable in most cases.
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wow  lahayle I don't have much to add (I might have chronic pancreatitis as well..or SOD and i'm getting tested soon with an ERCP and stuff like this scares me..)

I wish you only the best though that is a hard life.  I too have no insurance and I've applied for medicare like 5 times but keep getting denied because i'm "single" and living with parents.  I wish I could work and I understand your feeling there too :S

Keep fighting the fight, I've heard life without a pancrease - is possible but you'll be living off enzyme pills (My father knows one guy who has a partially dead pancrease, he takes like 40 pills a day)

Anyway hang in there :S
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