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Why am I feeling the urge to gag in the morning?

About a week ago I woke up at around 5:30am before a busy day. I was feeling really groggy, but not particularly nauseous. I was going back to sleep when I suddenly got the feeling that I was going to start gagging. This freaked me out, so I got up. After sipping on some water and having a panic attack of the all muscles tightened can barely move variety, the feeling passed and I was eventually able to go back to sleep. I woke up fine and felt normal for the rest of the day.

I have really bad anxiety so of course I was worried about this happening again, maybe every morning. I also have acid reflux and this happened during a time of the week when the weather was terrible and it was really hot and gross outside. So I thought maybe it could be reflux, maybe anxiety because of the stress of a busy week, maybe the weather because I also have horrible sinuses, maybe it was low blood sugar.

The second night went better, but my sleep was choppy and has continued to be so for the rest of the week. Some mornings I woke up feeling sick, other mornings I think anxiety was playing a big role. This morning I woke up after having a better nights sleep...still kind of choppy but less so. After about ten minutes I started getting that about to gag or dry heave feeling while watching tv. It got better with some pacing.

Any idea what is causing this? I've felt gross in the morning before, especially in the spring and summer because of my sinuses...but I've never been this sensitive before. I don't want to wake up every morning and have to concentrate to keep from gagging.

I'm definitely having some sinus issues right now and have started experimenting with a sinus rinse, but it's too early to see if it's actually is doing me any good. Is this sinuses, reflux and sinuses, anxiety reflux and sinuses? Also, because I know someone is going to suggest it, it is impossible that I am pregnant. It's definitely not that.
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I would suggest going to the talkimg to your doctor
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I have experienced this as has my son.  Our doctor said it is likely low blood sugar when we wake up. Even though we are feeling nauseated and not hungry, even gagging, eating is the remedy.  And anxiety is well know for GI disturbance. Have you talked to your doctor about these things?
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Update: I made an appointment with my doctor four or five days ago but couldn't get in until Thursday. I started getting night sweats and shakiness every time I woke up and I continued to wake up every hour. I also started feeling...unwell, as well as exhausted during the day...and I kept coming back to an infection of some sort. I decided to go to Urgent care a couple days ago and after taking a urine test they told me I had a Urinary Tract Infection. I have IBS and stomach issues, so any pain I was having in my lower stomach wasn't really registering and I didn't notice any other symptoms...just that something was off. I've been on antibiotics for about two days and even though I'm still waking up with a gaggy feeling some of the time and some sweating, I definitely feel less tired and unwell the rest of the time. Soo yeah...still a little nervous and won't relax till all symptoms go away, but I did really start to feel like I had an infection...I just didn't expect a UTI.  
Yes, that is a strange symptom in conjunction with a UTI.  But glad you are getting it sorted out!
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