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Why can't I eat a lot anymore?

Hey guys I'm a 15 year old boy and very thin usually I can eat a lot. Like A LOT. I have a very fast metabolism and usually what i eat digests very fast. I usually am capable of eating a bunch and not even feel full, but the past 2 days everytime i eat something I can not finish it. I feel full before i even an able to finish half of the meal. I ate breakfast this morning at 9 and had a bowl of cereal and it is currently 12 and I am trying to eat a hot dog for lunch and I can't finish it. By nighttime i can't even stand eating dinner (usually dinner is at 7) because i feel so full still! I am not depressed or anything and I really want to eat because my parents will call me anorexic when I know I am not anorexic because I want to gain weight and be normal not lose weight! Does anyone know whats wrong with me? Please help! I have also had the stomach flu 2 months ago and the appetite i have right now is similar to what i had then but I have none of the symptoms of stomach flu right now other than constipation. I also leave my laptop on my stomach sometimes, will this affect my appetite? And will exercise make me hungry? Please help me I'm scared out of my mind since im already underweight!
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Chances are your mention of being constipated is the issue here!  Get you some laxative type relief from the drugstore, to get things going again.  Couple ones I like are if waste is there and ready to come out, squirt two tubes of ointment from the small boxes of PediaLax or BabyLax in there, should come out in minutes.  If not, take a Senocot (natural) pill, two days, and the stuff will move.  Simple premix enemas are okay.  

To overcome what is probably the lingering cause and left over from the stomach flu situation, get some "probiotics" in you from Acidophilus milk or Activia yogurt from the grocery store, two weeks of it will return intenstinal flora to normal and help break down waste.  Then to keep digestion running smoothly, eat enough fiber foods, drink tons of water, and yes, exercise regular.  

Some fiber foods include not only lots of vegies, but also stuff like oat cereal, whole wheat bread, salads.  Lots of water means to shoot for about six glasses a day, enough to where you're not up all night peeing!  And exercise, break a sweat three or four times a week with ANY activity that you like, you can change it up, you can go for walks or jogs around the neighborhood, biking, anything you can get into long-term and stick with it as almost a routine.  I used to exercise most every morning after breakfast for practically my whole life.

Lastly, once you feel your bowels are moving along like they're supposed to again, you may need to put a little lubricant there after each shower, it'll prevent the chaffing that is sure to come from going a lot, since I think you're probably pretty clogged up, plus it often is interspaced by diarrhea, and a blue and white tube of PLAIN KY jelly from the drugstore works best, water soluble so it comes off each shower.  If you happen to take vitamins every day, quit it, only take them once or twice a week, or some brands will clog you up.  Get enough proteins to eat, chew them well.  

Gosh, I hope you get to feeling better soon.  You may feel a little oozy for a few days, but it will pass, and you'll feel hungry again, and it'll pass through you like it's supposed to.
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