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Why do I smell like a fart even though I don't fart?

Im in 7th grade and i 12 years old I have a lot of friends but they are all leaving me because of my smell.
People at school have been avoiding me its really embarrassing because people use their fingers and hand to cover their noses and act like i can't see
my mom pretends like she doesn't smell a thing and only cares about her Facebook and my grades she never wants to take me to the doctor i feel lonely and depressed what do i do
i want to just end it all

it only happens when I'm about to fart or burp any other time its not as bad
sometimes people on the other side of the street can smell it
and they stare too
and i keep getting these tingly feelings help me
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my guess would be that you have some type of digestion issue. Without tests being run, it would be hard to really know whats actually wrong.
It could be a food allergy as well.
If your mother wont take you to a doctor there is not much you can do. You could speak to the nurse or guidance councilor at school, but they will just call your mom.
Without knowing anything. what id suggest is to not eat or drink anything with milk in it. its possible that you are lactose intolerant. So dont have any dairy and see if that helps. And tell your mom you NEED to see a dr.
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What are you eating? And do you take a shower every morning? Just simple.questuons.to.get to the heart of the problem.
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