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Why do i feel so blotted all the time

I'm not sure on what to do , all i know is I am having a problem with my stomach always filling full with out me eating anything.I appears as if im preagnat but im not,i have not med insurance so thats also a problem, I have pain in my lower stomach and my period has not be normal for at least 6mth, this month i have bleed twice but the second cylce  was abnormal.It appeard to look old and very dark.I know my body and i know there something wrong just buy the way my stomach is always inlarged and the pain i get normally and while have sex. Plz help!

This discussion is related to Enlarged stomach - looks at least 5 months pregnant.
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Go to the emergency room they have to treat you.  My daughter had similar pain and
it was very bad.  Please Please Please go to the nearest er immediately
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Do you also have occasional diarrhea, constipation, changed stool color?

Bloating is because normal intestinal bacteria produce gas. These bacteria may overgrow in the small intestine, due to slowed peristalsis, or in the colon, due to fats, which were not absorbed in the small intestine (e.g. due to intestinal inflammation) and thus come into the colon, where bacteria eat them and produce gas.

To say more, it would be nice to hear some other symptoms you might have (had), also medications, or chronic diseases...
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