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Why do i smell whenever i sit down even though i can't smell it myself?

I am currently in 11th grade and I am 15 years of age. It started in 9th grade when I was 13, I used to smell a strong fecal scent every time I sat down although people did not notice. It got worse in 10th Grade this is when my colleagues started to beg my teachers to move seats away from me that's when I started to be more clean i showered more thoroughly and I even applied cream around and on my anus, and so things calmed down and no one asked to move away from me. It then came back and i started using talc-on(baby) powder and then it disappeared. now it back and even if i put everything that i mentioned above plus 2 pairs of underwear people are still covering there noses i can't even concentrate on my paper (I am doing my finals). I am pretty sure i botched my exam and this is one of the most important days. I can't afford to fail. My best friend whispered to me, if i had farted so i know it is not in my head i just need solutions before my next exam tomorrow or else i don't think i have the courage of walking back in that room. please help i not suicidal but i am seriously thinking if i should leave my house or not. I need a social life please help me! I am so paranoid!

P.S. Believe it or not but i pray to God all the time so i know God is not punishing me.
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Another post, seemingly about the same problem has a lot of responses. read through them and see if its any help. Good luck.

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Thank you so much i will definetly read it!
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It can also be fecal incontinence, this is the inability to  bowel movement, causing feces to leak unexpectedly to your rectum. You can try making little changes in your diet, it is recommended that you chomp on fiber-rich foods and take in plenty of fluids.
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Same thing is happening to me I also put powder in my anus and well  I just wash it regularly and I just put perfume and I barely smell bad all I say is like  before when im standing up I dont stink but when I sit down around people  and I did but now I just wash all my pribate part and my butt and apply perfume and correction I just pour water in my parts and my butt
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I have the same exact problem I know I’m 5 years late but did it went away or are you still suffering this? Did anything helped you get rid of it for good any info will help
That's frustrating.  Do other people tell you that you smell or are you just suspicious of that?
I'm going through the same exact thing right now... my only theory atm is anxiety is causing us to release foul gas that we cannot feel or detect ourselves. Literally I will clean my entire intestines with enemas and fasting and when I become anxious, people still react to me as if I'm farting. Some ppl with this do say they get a moist or sweaty butt feeling on occasion - and I think the sweat there can interact with bacteria from stool (maybe some leakage especially from diarrhea) and enhance the odor a lot. Most of us seem to suffer from gas incontinence whenever we get nervous though.
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