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Why does my stomach feel like there is a rock in it?

Last night I had a bowel movement that consisted of hard small lumps that shot out one at a time, along with a little diarrhea. When I was done, my stomach started to have this pain in it, as if I still had to pass stool. A couple of hours later I awoke with intense pain in my lower abdomen and great pressure on the lower back, it felt like I had to go again. After an hour of not going, I went back to lye down and the pain is still there about 10 hours later and hasn't went away. There is pressure on my bum also, like I need to go to the bathroom, but can't. I've had a colonoscopy and was in the hospital a week ago for the same kind of things, or symptoms, and they really didn't find anything wrong, except for they put me in a liquid diet. No blockage, no nothing. My stomach has been suffering from this for awhile now. I do have a cyst on my pancreas, but I did get a CT scan when in the hospital and everything was fine. At this moment about twelve hours later my stomach still hurts, with some intense pain at times, but I feel hungry and want to eat. I don't follow a very well diet at all and am going to be a 46 year old man in a couple months. Can anyone that has a good medical background please let me know what might be the cause of all of this? Is it IBS, Crohn's disease, or possibly cancer? I also have stress all the time and worry a lot and high anxiety. What are the causes of all these symptoms please?
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That sounds uncomfortable.  I think after corona scares are less, I'd meet with a gastroenterologist to start deciding if you have irritable bowel or not.  That's what it sounds like to me.  Here's some information on it . https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/irritable-bowel-syndrome/symptoms-causes/syc-20360016  You have common symptoms of this health issue. Causes include muscle contractions in intestines, nervous system, inflammation in the intestines, infection or changes in bacteria in the gut.  A good probiotic might be helpful to you and I'd keep a food diary to look for triggers. Food can be a trigger but so can stress.  If they determine this is the case for you, they treat with lifestyle changes including diet as well as medications that work pretty well.  
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