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Why is my anus bleeding

So for a year I’ve had frequent urination pretty much everyday, and today just now, when sitting on the toilet I look down to the toilet bowl which is full of blood, I’ve had regular haemmaroids, however, with a bit of anusol they clear easy, today the toilet bowl was covered in blood, my starfish stings like a mother trucker and I have a pain in my stomach which is making me feel sick, can someone suggest something please
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I think a toilet bowl full of blood warrants an immediate visit to the doctor.  Bright red blood could be a hemorrhoid or issue with a polyp but that's a bit more than I'd expect to see.  There are other things like fissure, fistula, ulcers, etc.  It's really important to be seen by your doctor to help determine why this happened.  Likely it isn't a huge deal but because if it IS, the consequences of not getting checked out are great, you have to go to the doctor.  You also have pain.  So, please let us know what the doctor says!
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